Artwork Specifications:

Pre Printed Cards

To obtain the best reproduction for your card design GCS prefer artwork to be supplied in a vector format using Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and graphics, photos etc. supplied as Adobe Photoshop PSD files, TIFF or EPS files.


Please ensure that all fonts are named and supplied in both print and screen fonts. Ensure that linked files are included and please don’t embed files in documents. If the original graphic was produced in Photoshop with layers, please include that original document as well.


All logos should be supplied in a vector format (i.e. Illustrator) as opposed to a bitmap (i.e. TIFF) as this allows us to modify trapping in the logo and results in a logo that remain sharp and clear during reproduction. Refrain from supplying scanned logos. If the original vector logo is unavailable, then we can recreate it for a small charge. Please note that we cannot guarantee complete accuracy with this process however.

Reference Art to be supplied

To make sure that you get what you intended and enable us to check that nothing is missed in the production process; please provide a .pdf or .jpg image of the final design.


Scans should be done using a minimum of 300dpi for colour or grayscale images. Scans should also be supplied at the size that they will appear on the card and in CMYK please.

Card design Service

If you do not have access to card design, then Geldard Card Services Ltd offer a complete design service at competitive rates.

Small Quantity loyalty Cards (100 cards to 500 cards)

For small run Loyalty cards files for the design may be supplied in a .jpg format. Logo and type may be combined in the same format for this type of card.

Card specifications

To assist with your design meets the critical card size and magnetic stripe location the following:Standard Card Size:  86mm x 54mm

Image Size (including Bleed)

87.5mm x 55.5mm  allow 1.5mm bleed around the perimeter of the card.Magnetic Stripe:

From top of magnetic stripe to the top of the card allow 4mm.

The depth of the magnetic stripe is 12mm. Please do not allow printing within 2mm of the magnetic stripe unless the colour is a solid or screen background colour.




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